Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last October, Camilla, Jacob, and I planted some tulip bulbs.  I have never planted them before so I was anxious to see if they would really bloom.  Camilla helped dig holes and put the bulbs in.  Jacob had alot of fun throwing in the bulbs after we dug the holes.  Here is the progress of our tulips.

Once we saw the first sprout, we would check the progress of our tulips everyday after we got home picking up Camilla after school.    

Finally, they bloomed.  I was hoping they would stay like this until Easter.  There were a few casualties from squirrels swiping the flowers off, but they did last until Easter.  Actually, the day after Easter it rained and all the tulip flowers fell off.  I am grateful, though, that they did last until Easter!


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